Below you will find links to workshops I have presented in the Asia-Pacific region.



Apple Learning Academy

In this two-day hands-on workshop, teachers explored three native applications in depth (iMovie, Pages and Keynote), learned about inbuilt features of the Mac Operating System and explored Apple’s latest publishing innovation: iBooks Author. The course covered the following modules:

1. Apple Creativity and Productivity tools (iMovie, Pages and Keynote)

Take a deep dive into the advanced features of these popular programmes to create sophisticated movies, multimedia presentations, infographics, displays and posters that pop.

2. Mac Operating System

Learn shortcuts and hidden features of the Mac OS to unlock new levels of productivity and efficiency.

3. iBooks Author

Create multi-touch books that take learning to a new level of content interactivity and understanding.


Learning 2.013

Multi-Touch Books

Multi-touch books allow us to share our knowledge and understanding in completely new ways. They turn the process of reading into a more interactive experience. Essentially, they allow us to make books more like apps.

This workshop will provide you with resources and tips to help you create your very own Multi-touch books, specific to your content and needs. It will focus on books created on the iPad, together with books created using iBooks Author.


Google Apps for Education Summit, Singapore

Extreme Sites Makeover

We all love the ease and flexibility of Google Sites, however when you are trying to create a slick, professional looking website, the default themes can leave us wanting. Information that is visually well-presented can help aid retention and understanding. We want our sites to be clear, easy to navigate and great to look at. This workshop provided some great tips on how to give your Google Site an extreme makeover, which would make it more visually appealing and user-friendly to your viewers.


21st Century Learning, Hong Kong

iBooks Author: What is possible & how to get there

This was a hands on introduction to iBooks Author, and focused on the lessons I have learned in creating the two Multi-touch books I have helped create: Twitter: A cultural guidebook, and Coaching for Digital Literacy.

Becoming a Networked Educator

This workshop followed the same format and approach as the Learning 2.012 workshop. Resources can be found here.



Hands on Literacy, Singapore

Why you should care about Creative Commons

An introduction to Creative Commons for educators. What it is, why it is important, and how to use and create Creative Commons resources.


Learning 2.012, Beijing, China

Coaching for Digital Literacy

Coaching for Digital Literacy is an emerging profession, and there are few resources for new coaches that focus on both the coaching and technological aspect. Working with Andrew McCarthy, Jeff Plaman, Clint Hamada and Louise Phinney, we wrote a Multi-touch book that served as a resource for this workshop.

Becoming a Networked Educator

This workshop highlighted the importance of having an online presence for all educators, and identified the benefits of having a Professional Learning Network (PLN) to access up-to-date and relevant resources and experiences that have been filtered and vetted by educators they trust. Introducing the use of tools such as Twitter, Google Reader, RSS, Diigo and blogs, teachers began to create their own network. PLNs are open all hours, so finding inspiration is possible any time of day – or night.


IB Asia Pacific Conference, Singapore

The Networked Educator

Working once again with @chamada, The Networked Educator aimed to highlight the importance of every educator developing a Professional Learning Network (PLN) to enhance and develop their own learning. The workshop outlined the reasons why PLNs are crucial for today’s learners, provided some case studies of real teachers’ PLNs (across PYP, MYP, DP & Admin), and highlighted the tools those teachers recommended. Action plans were then developed so participants could make a start on building or enhancing their PLN.

Growing Up Digital

Together with Robyn Treyvaud & Jeff Plaman, we  presented a workshop about the ways in which UWCSEA is implementing the Generation Safe 360 framework for Digital Citizenship at UWCSEA.

Digital citizenship education works when:
– Every educator is aware they have responsibility
–  Parents are involved as partners
– Students lead the way by sharing their perspectives



Teach IT, Singapore

Twitter 4 Teachers
This was a workshop I presented at Teach IT 2011 in Singapore. It was designed to help teachers develop a Personal Learning Network (PLN) through Twitter. It was comprised of 2 parts – an overview, where I explained what teachers could gain from being a part of an online community through Twitter, and a hands on section, where I provided support to participants who were getting set up with Twitter.

iCreate, Therefore I am 

A repeat of the workshop offered at the Learning Roundtable, investigating iPad apps that encourage innovation and creativity.

Learning Roundtable, Singapore

iCreate, Therefore I am

In this hands-on workshop, participants explored iPad apps that encourage students to innovate and use their creativity as creators rather than consumers of content. While this workshop was geared towards the Primary School, ideas could easily be transferred to Middle and High school learners as well.


Learning 2.011, Shanghai

iCreate, Therefore I am

This was a hands-on workshop at Learning 2.011 in Shanghai, designed to highlight the iPad as a tool for creation of content, rather than consumption.

Twitter 4 Teachers

This was a workshop presented at Learning 2.011 in Shanghai. It was designed to help teachers develop a Personal Learning Network (PLN) through Twitter.



Hands on Literacy

Early Years Literacy with the iPod Touch

This workshop explored apps which support Early Years Literacy development, with an emphasis on content creation, rather than consumption.

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