Tweet, Tweet

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When I first signed up for Twitter I won’t lie; I wasn’t overly impressed. I didn’t know who to follow, I didn’t know what to say. After all, surely the ‘status update’ function of Facebook would do the same thing.

I persevered, followed more people, shared some interesting things I found and then all of a sudden I started getting replies and direct messages! I tell you, that made me feel a lot better about Twitter on the whole.

The next step was when one of the people I followed shared this link to 25+ Incredibly Useful Twitter tools. One of the tools mentioned was Twhirl. I downloaded it and found it certainly enhanced my Twitter experience. I could now share photos, shorten urls and see who had replied to me all on one interface. Nice!

Another pivotal Twitter moment for me was when I got really excited about a lesson I was doing using digital microscopes, posted a tweet about it and received some replies straight away. They asked to see a photo so I obliged, and more replies followed.

I use Twitter not for updating my status, but rather as a place to share great tech links and ideas I stumble across, a place for daily professional development by checking out the links of others, and a place to connect with people who are not yet friends, but I hope they will be someday.

So why not look me up? I’m klandmiles on Twitter.