The icons of today’s generation

A while back, I thought back to my first computer, and the associated peripherals that were involved (discs, joysticks etc).

It amuses me to think that technology that is already obsolete is still being used today in icon form – case and point being the save icon:


The kids I teach have never seen a floppy disk, yet that is the icon they need to click on to save a document. If we had to create an icon for ‘save’ today, what would it look like? A cloud? A microchip? A thumb-drive?

This in turn prompted me to think about what icons are more familiar to our students.

Embed and Link are the icons of today’s generation.

Embed Icon

Link icon

And do you know what? That’s just how I think it should be.

I want kids to be creating, sharing and linking. It’s what learning is all about!

Everaldo Coelho


GNOME Icon Artists