Triptico – A Great IWB Resource

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Noah Katz, one of the Digital Literacy Coaches at Dover came across this fantastic resource which he shared with me.

Triptico (designed by David Riley) is a FREE download which works very nicely in conjunction with IWBs. The free download gives you a number of desktop resources which are fully customizable.

What I love about them most of all is that they are so aesthetically pleasing! I have seen other countdown timers, but none that look as good as this one!

Below are a few examples of the tools in the Triptico IWB toolkit.

Hourglass – countdown timer

 Class Timer – another countdown timer

Question Quiz – provide the answer and have students guess the question. Award points to teams if they guess correctly

Class Magnets – create a set of magnets for your class. You could get them to drag their names up to the board when they arrive to record attendance. There are lots of other different ways to use this tool, particularly if you select a different background from the ones on offer.

Find Ten – create a quiz of sorts, and get students to guess which 10 things match the category you choose.

Order Resource – This would work extremely well with Kath Murdoch’s ‘More True than False, More False than True’ activity. Essentially, just order the statements.

What’s in the Box – this is similar to the TV Show ‘It’s in the Bag’. You choose a box, then decide whether to keep it, or risk playing on.

Playing Catch up with the Whiteboard Challenge

Aaaarrrrgh! Can’t believe it’s September 18th and I still haven’t managed to put a post up about the first whiteboard challenge. I have also decided to have a bit of a personal development blog and thus added a specific website for this – welcome to the Tip of the Iceberg!

I am officially into my 3rd ever week of using IWBs, and it’s been really helpful as a new user to see the challenges and ways of making my lessons more engaging for the kids.

Day 1 of my first IT class (EVER!) and some kids fiddle about (and break) the headphones. I recorded a snippet of Aretha Franklin’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T and had that blaring out when we began to look at our essential agreements for the classroom. I think using music was a great way of reaching more students with the message I wanted to get across.

But still, that wasn’t the objective of the first challenge. The first challenge was to get your voice on your blog. I recorded a few little bits & pieces using Audacity and managed to get them into my flipchart ok. I used a variety of pictures and words to make things interesting.

It came time to do teach the kids and… nothing.




It turns out my speakers were broken and all my good work was undone by a technical hitch. These things happen in the world of IT, so I have not yet shared anything else as we are waiting for our speakers to be repaired.

I am way behind on the other challenges now, so will have to get busy and decide what to do for round 2!