Learning 2.010 iPad Apps Unconference

‘Give one to get one’ – that was the tagline for the iPad Apps Unconference at Learning 2.010 in Shanghai last week.

Here are some of the Apps that were mentioned:


Soundnote (Formerly SoundPaper) $4.99

This fantastic note-taking app records the audio of a meeting etc as you type your notes. On playback, you can skip to a word in your notes to hear the audio at that particular time. This app would be brilliant for note-taking at any conferences, university lectures or meeting.


Dropbox Free

If you are wanting to access your files across different devices, this app is for you. As a bonus, it’s free!


Blogshelf $4.99

This app allows you to read your blogposts offline. It presents each blog as a book on a shelf (looks quite neat, IMHO)


Flickstackr $1.99

Pulls up all your Flickr photos in a really nice interface. Also allows you to create stacks of photos from your photos or other people’s photos to create your own slideshows.

Faces I Make Faces I Make $2.99

This app was developed in conjunction with author/illustrator Hanoch Piven, and his art workshops. Faces I Make allows you to make art from objects around you.

evernote Evernote Free

Sync notes taken on any device with Evernote. Some key features are the ability to take audio notes, and to search for text within images.

genius scan Genius Scan Free

Scan all manner of documents and send them by email, PDF or JPG. Great for photographing receipts.

molecules Molecules Free

This app allows you to view 3D renditions of molecules and manipulate them with your fingers.

Attendance Attendance $2.99

This app is a regular attendance app, but what was highlighted to us was its ability to generate random groupings. I believe a PE teacher was explaining how she uses

notetaker hd Notetaker HD $4.99

This app is for writing and organizing handwritten notes. The person who recommended this app used a stylus to ‘write’ his notes.

eStroke Animated Chinese Characters eStroke Animated Chinese Characters $8.99

App for learning correct stroke order for Chinese characters.

Log Me In Ignition LogMeIn Ignition $29.99

Remotely access your computer and other devices using the very useful (but rather expensive) LogMeIn app.

5 thoughts on “Learning 2.010 iPad Apps Unconference

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  3. Thanks so much for the awesome iPad app recommendations. I’m always keen to add to my growing collection. LOVING the Hanoch Piven one at school and at home.


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