There are no strangers here

Nobel Prize winner William Butler Yeats said,

There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t yet met.

This sort of sums up how I feel about Twitter, especially meeting my Twitter buddies in person for the first time today.

I am lucky enough to be attending the Learning 2.010 Conference in Shanghai, and a few short hours ago, I met some of the people I have been ‘friends’ with for some time. @dearlibrariann, @intrepidteacher & @janeinjava to name a few. It certainly didn’t feel like I was meeting strangers. I feel like I know these guys.

As crazy as it sounds, my family will be holidaying this October with a friend I met on Twitter – @chamada and his family. Yes, we have met in person before (and his family has visited mine), but this would simply not have been possible without Twitter.

So thank you Twitter, for the friends I met today, for the friends I reconnected with, and the friends I have yet to meet.

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