iPod Touch Apps for Apple Workshop

Here are a list of apps I’m exploring in my workshop for Apple on Leveraging Learning with the iPod Touch.
Myspace text generator
Doodle Kids
Neat little app created by a 9 year old Singaporean boy. We’ve used it for fine motor skills, creativity etc. You can take screen shots of your creations and email them later.

Flower Garden
Neat little app where you plant, water and grow flowers and send bouquets via email.

sonic pics

Sonic Pics
Fantastically versatile app for narrating over your own images. Either upload images to your photo gallery, or take screenshots to use. This app creates a video of your slideshow which you can email, send to your computer or upload to YouTube.

Image from glowtxt.com text generator
Number Line
Excellent little app for ordering decimals, percentages and fractions. Would suit middle to upper primary.

App which allows you to select from coin toss, yes/no, dice roll, card choice, rock/paper/scissors and many other options. Great for probability and statistics.

Math Quizzer
Choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication & division (or a combination of these) and then complete the questions. Multi-choice answers are provided below.


Step Trak Lite

Neat app which acts as a pedometer. Simple to use, really effective. You can upload your results to MapMyWalk.

Glitter text generator
abc_Pocket_Phonicsabc Pocket Phonics
I think this is a great little app for the early years. You learn to form letters, hear the sounds of each letter, then blend sounds to make words at the end. The Lite version has the first sounds only, but the full version has sound blends as well. Give it a go! See here for more details on how we used with with K2.

Early Reader
Another app for beginning readers. It covers the basic sight words, phonics, etc and is easy to use. You can turn the voice on or off.

KT-Dict CE

Chinese-English dictionary. See here for more details on how we use it at school.

Word Magic
This app has missing letters which the kids need to select from a list to complete the word. There are a range of settings you can customize, including lowercase or uppercase letters, the missing letters at the beginning, middle or end of the word, and the length of the word (to name but a few).

I will also be looking at the Voice Memo app, which comes preloaded on all iPod Touch and iPhones.
Glitter text generator
Great list of historical artists, their lives, their art, and so much more. If $0.99 seems a little much, why not try the lite version, which is free.

The Muscle System Pro
High quality images of the Muscular system, perfect for kids to take screencaptures to use in presentations.

The Skeletal System Pro

High quality images of the Skeletal system, which students can screencapture, making this app money well spent for inquiries relating to the human body.

Google Earth
Excellent iPod Touch version of the desktop programme created by Google. Absolutely awesome.

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