iPhone/iPod Touch Wired Wednesday

As so many teachers came back from the Christmas holiday with a new iPhone/iPod Touch, I decided to make the first Wired Wednesday for 2010 focused on apps.

CIMG3025 (Medium)

We had a great turn out, and there was a real buzz in the lab as people talked over each other to share their favourite apps. I found it amusing that although we had a bunch of more than 10 educators, the apps that received the most attention were the games! Here are the apps that made the rounds…


SG BusesFree – All the info you need on the Singapore Bus System

Carpark @ SGFree – Find parking rates & parking locations in Singapore

Laylio Free – an app which allows you to listen to Singapore radio stations (I love that the name of the app is how some people pronounce radio here!)


Trip it Free – Organize your flights and travel plans with this handy app.


Tozzle $1.99 – An easy app which helps develop touchpad skills. My 2 year-old loves it. There’s also a free version – Tozzle Lite.

$0.99 – Photo app that lets you manipulate photos in funny ways. There is also a free version available.

Toddler Teaser ShapesFree – Simple app which helps kids recognise shapes.

Build-a-Word$1.99 – For those fans of Word World, an app which gets children to grab letters to build words. There is also a lite version available.

Preschool Adventure$0.99 – This is a good-value app for preschoolers. There are puzzles about numbers, colours, shapes, body, matching and sounds. A little something for everyone.


Free – My 4-year-old’s favourite app of the moment. Stack the blocks and try not to let them topple over. See also Topple 2 Plus+ (free) and Topple 2 ($0.99).

Need For Speed Undercover$4.99 – A car racing game that is apparently deserving of its price tag!

Eggs awayFree – Keep your egg balanced by tilting your device.

Trace Free – app where you have to get your little stick-figure person to the other side using gravity and any lines you make.

BubblewrapFree – Enjoy popping bubblewrap as a kid? Relive your childhood with this app!

Waterslide ExtremeFree – Slide down a giant waterslide in this addictive app.

Unblock Me FreeFree – Slide the blocks of wood around to free the red block.

Cooking Dash$2.99 – Manage your restaurant by making sure people are at tables, have what they ordered etc. A Cooking Dash Lite version is available, and there also appear to be other in a similar theme: check out Dinner Dash and Wedding Dash, if you feel so inclined.

Cooking Mama LiteFree – This app had us all in stitches. You cook different food, and literally do things like melt the butter in the frying pan or chop onions by moving your device around (as you would if you were cooking), to complete a meal.

Monkey SwingFree – Swing from tree to tree to get your monkey through the jungle.

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CIMG3030 (Medium)

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