Alert! A blog tip from Edublogs

Today I have had a neat surprise and was reminded of a very important blogging tip, which of course I need to share!

Earlier this afternoon, I was busily scrolling through my tweetdeck when I came across a tweet from Kim Cofino saying:

I found the link to the list of nominees, and proceeded to check them out. I love lists like this, as I always find some fabulous new people/blogs to follow.

Imagine my surprise to find that some very kind people had nominated Tip of the Iceberg for an award! I nearly fell off my chair!

I sent off a tweet to say:

@Edublogs (a.k.a Sue Waters) tweeted back right away, and let me in on who nominated me. I can’t thank Sylvia & Darcie enough for the gesture! You guys totally made my day!

Sue also made a super suggestion that I should set up an alert for Tip of the Iceberg, so that if anyone blogs about it, I get notified via Google Reader. I took Sue’s advice, and set up some alerts, so I won’t miss out on exciting stuff like this again!

Here’s the link Sue kindly passed on, which will give you all you need to know to set up alerts for your own blog.

Happy Blogging!

The icons of today’s generation

A while back, I thought back to my first computer, and the associated peripherals that were involved (discs, joysticks etc).

It amuses me to think that technology that is already obsolete is still being used today in icon form – case and point being the save icon:


The kids I teach have never seen a floppy disk, yet that is the icon they need to click on to save a document. If we had to create an icon for ‘save’ today, what would it look like? A cloud? A microchip? A thumb-drive?

This in turn prompted me to think about what icons are more familiar to our students.

Embed and Link are the icons of today’s generation.

Embed Icon

Link icon

And do you know what? That’s just how I think it should be.

I want kids to be creating, sharing and linking. It’s what learning is all about!

Everaldo Coelho


GNOME Icon Artists