Student Led Conferences

We had our very first Student Led Conferences at the East Campus on Friday 13th – brave choice of dates. Suffice to say it was a great experience. The photos (below) show such excitement on the faces of the kids as they share their learning with their parents.

In Grade 2, the kids showed their parents how to use the Digital Microscopes.
Grade 3 shared the Photo Stories they made for their Blue Planet unit.
Grade 4‘s showed off their animations and taught their parents a few tricks.
Everyone was welcome to use Google Earth to share their learning as well.

I think everyone finished the conferences totally exhausted, but would all agree it was worth it. I appreciate that we took time as a staff to reflect on how it went, so we can make it even better next time.

1 thought on “Student Led Conferences

  1. Awesome, I love the idea of student led conferences, the parents would get a great buzz learning from their kids or hearing the kids learning experiences.

    I also love 3-way conferences, the idea of students being able to articulate how they are going and where they are heading in the next steps of learning with both the parent and teacher is critical. My kids school & my own school still do parent-teacher interviews. Kids need to be involved in these discussions – who is the learning for after all?


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