7 Things Meme

I was tagged by beckcollect on the ‘7 Things’ meme which has been floating about the Twitterverse lately.

  1. I am an amputee. Although this is technically true, it’s hardly debilitating when compared with landmine victims for example, as I am only missing the little finger on my left hand. It all happened when I was 6 years old and playing with my younger sister.

    We had created a game where we placed obstacles in the hallway and turned out all the lights. We had to catch each other in the dark without banging into something. I tripped on a pillow, and my sister ran to the bedroom at the end of the hallway and hid behind the door. Stealthily, I made my way to the door and ran my fingers along it, trying to find the handle.

    Unfortunately I was on the completely wrong side, and my sister heard my tapping and slammed the door – with my finger in the hinges. We were living in a rural part of central Otago in NZ, and the local hospital had broken their X-Ray machine. I had my finger sewn on in an equally rural hospital.

    Not too long after, I developed gangrene and needed to have it amputated at the first joint. Just to make the story really gruesome (are you still reading??), because I was so young, my bones were still growing, and following the first operation my bone grew out the end of my finger! I remember this distinctly, because my mother cried when she saw it (something that seldom happened!). Suffice to say the next operation (amputating to the second joint) did the trick and it is now as good as gold.

    In case you’re thinking I’m having a pity party, it hasn’t really stopped me doing anything. I play the piano (not too badly, considering!), and have a neat party trick where I put it in my ear and it looks like I’m scratching my brain. The same approach works extremely well for putting it in my nose, though is less savory on the whole… It also gives me an excellent excuse as to why I’m not a touch typist!

  2. Despite having dead-straight hair all my life, it went mad-curly when I was pregnant with my son. I had to adjust to a whole other hair type and style 31 years into my life!

    Before (when my daughter was 1).

    After (with 4 generations of my family, my daughter’s now 3).

  3. I love to sing. I come from quite a musical family (my Dad was a music teacher & music advisor for many years), and we all play various instruments. I played the trumpet for a number of years, but my favourite thing ever is to perform onstage singing. I loved performing in musical theatre at our local Operatic society in Hamilton when we lived back home.

    My favourites were Slice of Saturday Night and Les Miserables, however Jesus Christ Superstar back in 1998 was the most memorable, as that is where I met my husband! When people ask, I always say he was the bald apostle and I was a leper. Technically true, but I was a lot of other things as well!

  4. I am very slim, despite eating like a horse. Nothing I eat seems to make any difference to my weight. My friends always say they would love to have that problem, but I always feel I have to make sure people don’t think I’m anorexic or something. One of my favourite things to eat in SIngapore is Chilli Crab (Singapore’s national dish).

    You simply HAVE to get in amongst it with Chilli Crab!

  5. I love my job. I know this is geeky in the extreme, but I am working part-time in a fantastic school: UWCSEA East. My colleagues are fantastic. And then there are the kids! Sometimes I think I will wake up and find it has all been a dream!
  6. Even though you can’t choose your family, if I could, I’d pick them all anyway. Even my husband feels the same way about his in-laws. Here are just a couple of them on Christmas day:

  7. I adore books. I have always been particularly fond of fiction and find it very easy to slip away into a make-believe world. I used to think I was exclusively a fiction reader, however upon closer inspection of my bookshelves at home, I have more cookbooks than any other type of books. I will buy anything by Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver! While I enjoy cooking, I enjoy eating more!

So there you have it. 7 Things, done. I now tag thelibrarianedge, craigsteed, teachernz, audaciousgloop, BrianLockwood, jshe, WLIAO.

2 thoughts on “7 Things Meme

  1. I had curly hair from a young age and hated it until I was about 30. After our first childn(I was 35) my hair went straight and has stayed that way. Maybe my hormones changed in sympathy! 🙂


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