At the Starting Blocks

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Katie & I are about to embark on some voluntary technology PD, and needed to know where our staff are at right now. We quickly put together a survey using surveymonkey to send out to the staff. We probably should have started by asking for some feedback from the blogosphere about our questions, but as it is, we thought we’d share what we have now, regardless.

Our initial thoughts are to get a snapshot of where our colleagues are at currently, and look at building our 23 Things PD plan once we have our data.

We did make a start on the planning our version of 23 Things, but in true techno-geek style, we got a bit carried away. Our 23 things were a bit ambitious. Thankfully Haidee, one of our colleagues, brought us firmly back to earth. We will resume our planning at a more sedate pace once we get our results back.

What do you think of our survey? Are we forgetting anything? Do you have some ideas of where we should start with our 23 things?

6 thoughts on “At the Starting Blocks

  1. I also just started as an IT Facilitator this year (combined with PYP Coordinator) and I put together a similar survey for some of my teachers. I went much lower tech (included some of the nifty 2.0 stuff) but realized after some conversations that I have some teachers that aren’t all that up on basic skills. I used the Nets standards from ISTE to help identify some teacher tech standards.

    You’ve got an interesting site here, I look forward to reading more!


  2. Hi Kassandra, thanks very much for the comment. We’re just heading down the ISTE Nets route at our school too, but won’t be implementing them until next academic year. Thanks for the tip – will check the standards out!

    I think what this survey will show us is that there will be plenty of room to grow and learn new things that we hope will make teachers’ jobs easier.

    What an interesting job combination you have! I was PYP coordinator at my last school, so can imagine how much work you have to do!

    Thanks again for the feedback. Much appreciated!



  3. Yhis will lead to really interestign data. I wonder if you would be able to include in the survey permission to use the results in further blog posts? That way you would be able to think about where your group are at, where they are heading and progress at various points along the way. I imagine the thinking & insights behind this could help all others involved in PD. All the best!


  4. Thanks Craig, man, I wish I’d thought of that before I sent it out! I am sure I can be discreet enough that noone is identified specifically and overall results could be shared on my blog. Will definitely include it in future surveys. We’ve had a few results in already, and I can tell we’ll be able to make a big difference to the people who have responded so far. All good!


  5. I have heard of both voicethreads and second life. I know a lot about what Second Life is. I know very little about what voicethreads are (is /are?).

    But the survey represents my knowledge as the same because I use neither.


  6. Thanks for pointing this out. For what we were trying to learn from this survey, it doesn’t matter, to be honest. We weren’t overly interested in how much they knew about a tool, rather we wanted to know if they had used it and if so, how regularly.

    This may not be the most statistically valid survey, but it gave us the results we needed. Do you have a suggestion as to how we could phrase it better next time?


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