PYP Induction

A big welcome to all our new PYP colleagues in Singapore! Lovely to have you visit our East campus.

Below is a Voicethread we started to help us look at practical ways we can reinforce the PYP Attitudes in the classroom. Some of our teachers have already added information about how they use the attitudes in their classrooms.

We need your help to make this as useful as possible. Please listen to & read this Voicethread, then add your own comments about what you would do in your classroom to highlight and promote the PYP Attitudes.

You can comment via audio (pop the headphones on), text (type your ideas) or webcam (click ‘allow’ to access your webcam). Detailed instructions for commenting can be found below.

Instructions for commenting

Click on Comment. The following screen will come up. If you have an account already, sign in with your username and password. If you don’t have an account, click on register.

To register, fill in your name, email address & password.

You will now receive an option to upload a photo. Select I’ll do it later.

To make an audio comment, click on record. You will then be prompted to let Voicethread access the camera & microphone. Click on allow.

You should be able to click on start talking now to record your comment.

For more information on using Voicethreads for education, click on this link.

1 thought on “PYP Induction

  1. Nice One! that voicethread has really got me excited and thinking about our own implementation of the NZ Curriculum and in particular how we address/teach/include the values. I’m involved with the leadership of this group in our school but I can really see the value of us as a school producing something like this that can be shared with our community – imagine developing it with the students themselves, or with focus groups of teachers/students/parents or within departments….love it.

    What does PYP stand for?


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