Tweet, Tweet

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When I first signed up for Twitter I won’t lie; I wasn’t overly impressed. I didn’t know who to follow, I didn’t know what to say. After all, surely the ‘status update’ function of Facebook would do the same thing.

I persevered, followed more people, shared some interesting things I found and then all of a sudden I started getting replies and direct messages! I tell you, that made me feel a lot better about Twitter on the whole.

The next step was when one of the people I followed shared this link to 25+ Incredibly Useful Twitter tools. One of the tools mentioned was Twhirl. I downloaded it and found it certainly enhanced my Twitter experience. I could now share photos, shorten urls and see who had replied to me all on one interface. Nice!

Another pivotal Twitter moment for me was when I got really excited about a lesson I was doing using digital microscopes, posted a tweet about it and received some replies straight away. They asked to see a photo so I obliged, and more replies followed.

I use Twitter not for updating my status, but rather as a place to share great tech links and ideas I stumble across, a place for daily professional development by checking out the links of others, and a place to connect with people who are not yet friends, but I hope they will be someday.

So why not look me up? I’m klandmiles on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Tweet, Tweet

  1. Your experience with Twitter mirrors mine. I hooked into it at the end of ULearn 08, knowing 1 or 2 others on it. But by just putting yourself out there, following links, reading and commenting on blogs etc. then a whole community begins to develop around you, and the learning is amazing. To me its really illustrates the power to learn together through the web! It’s cool.


  2. Thanks for the comment – I am always amazed when someone has read anything I write!

    I wonder, is asking your PLN something on Twitter going to replace a Google search? I’d rather have a recommendation than scroll through thousands of unknown pages.

    See you on Twitter.


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